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It Worked For Stormzy

I started listening to Stormzy only after watching Louis Theroux interview him. If you haven't seen it, watch it and let me know your thoughts. I’m not in to Grime ( so I thought) but what intrigued me was his relationship with his mother which is so pure..

Stormzy's mum let him know what a gift he was to her life and I wondered how many children hear those words from their parents? I know I personally speak to my dog kinder than some parents speak to their children.

Today I listened to “100 Bags” and tears rolled down my face.

I wouldn’t say it’s an emotional song but it’s his Mothers phone calls to her son to make sure he had a good start to the day, and the most POWERFUL words to me were the words “lovely son”.

Lovely Son. Simple.

Many years ago I had the privilege of working for one day in Armley prison with a group of actors and prisoners bringing to life plays the inmates had written.

The Prisoners were classed as Vulnerable and we were informed of the crimes they had committed.

In those days I had preconceived ideas of what people should go through for the crimes that they had committed.

That day changed my mindset on how I could still see somebody as a criminal but not to wish on them what I once had in mind.

The woman who ran the workshop reminded us that when we gave feedback to the inmates, we were to make it positive because everyone of these men had hardly ever heard any positive words of praise during their childhood and most of their adult life. Can you imagine that?

Like Stormzy, every other person I had personally come into contact with and who tried a “Street Life” stepped away from it because their foundation had been to strong to let them get lost in it for good.

I alway's say words can be like Jewels or Stones.

So here’s to all those Lovely son’s, lovely daughter’s, lovely mum’s, dad’s, brother,’s, sister’s, lovely teachers, lovely Carers, to all those lovely people who spray you in lovely words.


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