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"Embracing the Final Chapter: Navigating the End of Life with Grace and Dignity"

This has been my most Profound Easter to date.

In the grand tapestry of life, Death is an inevitable part. It is a profound reminder of our mortal existence and the transient nature of our time on this Earth. Yet, within the realm of death, we find blessings that transcend the boundaries of the physical world.

 In the midst of sorrow, we discover the moral of the story. Death teaches us the importance of living fully and embracing every moment. It urges us to seize the day and make the most of the time we have been gifted. It is a poignant reminder that life is ephemeral, and we must make our mark on the world while we can.

Everyday legacy is the mark we leave behind through our actions and the impact we have on others. It is the small acts of kindness, the words of wisdom, and the memories we create that become our lasting legacy. Our legacy is not measured by material possessions or wealth, but by the lives we touch and the love we share.

Let us not overlook someone because of the lines on their face, for within each person lies a wealth of wisdom and experiences. Age brings with it a treasure trove of stories and lessons that can enrich our lives. By embracing the wisdom of our elders, we open ourselves up to a world of knowledge and understanding.

To be a part of a person's last journey is a gift beyond measure.  We lost a friend last week that I had the Privilege to witness their last rites. Their story is laced with, kindness , compassion and selfless acts. 

It was an opportunity to provide comfort, love, and support during their final moments. In being present for someone in their time of need, we offer them the solace of knowing they are not alone. It is a privilege to be a companion on this sacred journey and to witness the profound beauty of life's closing chapter. Which brings me closer to my journey as a Soul Midwife.

As humans, our needs are multifaceted and complex. Beyond the basics of survival, we crave connection, love, and belonging.  Not Range Rover, Gucci, and a XL Bully dog.

We yearn for meaning and purpose, and we find fulfilment in nurturing relationships and making a difference in the lives of others.

So, let us embrace the intertwined tapestry of life and death, blessings and last rites, friendships and legacies. Let us cherish each passing day as an opportunity to leave a positive impact and to honour the interconnectedness of our human existence. Together, we can navigate the journey of life, finding solace and beauty in both the joys and sorrows along the way….To the Lost 🥂

Happy Easter Beautiful People xx

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1 Comment

Ella Sun Ray
Ella Sun Ray
Apr 02

A lovely read and really sorry or the lose of your friend. I miss our walks and cannot wait to get my hip sorted to hopefully pick up walking again. Big love you and Tammy, from Buddy and me xx💛

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