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The Truth Hurt's Even More Than Exercise

I am sure you have had hundreds of emails already about motivation for the year ahead and how to hit the road running. So I thought I would go with the theme which is coming up quite a lot with my clients – what it means to live your truth. When you think of the words ‘living your truth’ how do you feel? And what does the word ‘truth’ mean to you. Who you truly are and how you present to the world is a totally different character.


My moment of awakening was in my early twenties when a psychologist friend of mine made a throw away comment about me. She said the song ’Tears of a Clown’ were exactly how she saw me. When she said it I felt my breath become shallow and all of a sudden the room became warm. I had been found out. The veil had dropped, but her words were a great gift because this was the start of an amazing journey of self-awareness and truly getting to know who I am and how I tick.

Brene Brown, the number one speaker on vulnerability, tells you ‘You can’t stand in your truth if you are not going to allow yourself to be vulnerable.’

We all have the need of wanting to be liked and wanting to be accepted and the want to fit in with the people we meet. Showing your truth self, I feel is one of the biggest challenges we may face. The feeling of rejection can hold us back from fulfilling our dreams, enjoying our relationships and pushing ourselves over the finishing line. Life is constantly changing and so are we. We face challenges every step of the way. There will be times when you will have to dig deep and find energy, power, set boundaries, question your beliefs and put yourself first. All phases which at times are not easy to do but who are you not to entrust all you have in you. It won’t happen overnight. Setting personal boundaries are a great way to get started. You may need to start saying ‘No’ to extra commitments or start making it clear to someone who is critical of you that this is not OK. It may seem difficult at first but see how freeing it becomes when you start being truthful to you. Stay strong and take action.

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