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Is A Side Job A Negative?

One of the best speakers I have ever heard on the subject of business has to be Brad Burton. It wasn’t his speaking style; it was one sentence. Brad started his marketing business in 2004 and how he financed that business was by delivering pizzas.

At the time I was very early into my journey as a speaker. I was one of the lucky ones – 9 out of 10 of my keynotes I had delivered had been paid gigs. I also had my coaching and acting that gave me an income. I had been coaching and facilitating since 2001 so I had multiple sources of income.

Many speakers I knew only had speaking as an income, some made a living and some barely survived. A speaker I once talked to could hardly pay his bills. A lot of events he spoke at were non-paying and expenses only. How was he meant to survive? I suggested he take a side job and he looked shocked. Every business needs cash flow. You need to keep the dream moving. Never let the ego get in the way of cash flow. I suggested a few additional ways he could make money – maybe renting out rooms in his house, selling on eBay, consulting for other companies, morning or evening job, even Uber. You need cash flow; websites need updating. Keeping a roof over your head is important. You also need fuel to get to meetings etc. Never feel a failure because you have to do something on the side. The gifts you have to offer don’t go out the window because you have to keep cash flowing. You don’t suddenly lose your sense of self because you need to do this. If you can, try and complement your side job with your business so it doesn’t feel a struggle.

There are 168 hours in a week so plan how you are going to spend them. The time on your side job, the time you need to spend on your business. Most importantly schedule in rest because that is super important. You don’t need to create health problems or any other hurdles while you are growing on your journey. What are your priorities? For me it is always having a roof over my head. Be smart with your time. Don’t become a busy fool. Every day take action on your tasks to keep your business moving forward. It may take a few goes at switching things around to see what is going to work best for you. Remember nothing is permanent so drop the ego and that may be the only thing holding you back from thriving.

Data by Adam Grant

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