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How To Stay Strong When Rejection Stands In Front Of You

In 2012 I was blessed with the start of my international speaking career. The month of October began with a great start, speaking to leaders and entrepreneurs from across the globe at their W.I.N Conference in Prague. I came back on a high knowing I had reached the audience with my message.

Still riding the wave, Monday morning I sat down, opened my emails and read two rejection emails from literature agents about my memoir I had submitted. The funny thing is I didn't feel disappointed. I started to smile and I was grateful for the rejection.

As I was explaining my rejection emails to a colleague he stopped me in midflow to find out why I sounded so cheerful. The reason why, I explained is because I don't see these emails as a rejection. I see them as I am trying and I will try again. I decided a long time ago that rejection would not equal I am not good enough. To me it would mean I had the courage to try. Some people will never ever put themselves in a position where they will feel rejection. Rejection to them equals pain and reinforces negative thoughts they have about themselves.

So how can we work with rejection?

1. give rejection a new meaning ie I am trying, I have courage etc.

2. remember, that if everything went your way life would be pretty boring.

3. look at what you can learn in that moment.

4. some people never put themselves in the position of rejection so that makes you in my eyes one amazing person.

PS Remember all the people whose ideas have been rejected and they finally made a difference in this world. I would rather be one of those types wouldn't you?

Karen Asemper BpA is a Transformation Coach who helps Individuals become 'Extrodanary' by helping them find out who they really are.

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