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An Alternative Way To Play


Successful actress, life coach and international empowerment speaker Karen Asemper, has now answered the many requests and collated the interesting strategies she has offered those seeking change in her new book “Life Is A Game So Play IT” published by createspace. This soulful collection of 21 empowering short stories have peppered Karen’s life journey and are now presented in a thoughtful array of narratives that support and promote positive thinking, each one an autonomous contribution on the road to transformation.

Karen relocated to Leeds from Newcastle aged 18 armed with the resilience a childhood of abuse, exploitation and inequality can instill in those who refuse to give up. Karen faced further hardship when forced to let go of her promising career as a professional dancer through injury. She fought on to become a successful actress in our much loved soaps and dramas and then turned to her calling of inspiring others, not just here at home but also on the international stage; recently opening the Tomorrows People Conference in Thailand. Life is a game so play it is her latest sharing of what she has encountered and decided to harvest from her own story so far.

Of the many pertinent reflections within the book, Karen’s greatest lesson to date is highlighted in her expression; “opportunities come and go, but your greatest opportunity may only knock once…”, a lesson sadly learned by her unspoken words fourteen years ago that culminated in a missed final chance with the father she never knew. A lesson she hopes will teach others to take those opportunities with energy and determination.

Readers of this book have remarked that the simplistic, well-reasoned advice is actually easily achievable yet exerts enormous influence when embraced, allowing significant changes to unfold. John Hotowka, a fellow inspirational speaker reviewed; “Short, sweet and easily digestible chapters with thought provoking and simple actions to take.” His recommendation? “Buy a copy of the book, join in the game, play by the advice given and create success and happiness in your life”.

If you want to make changes to your life and are unsure of how to embark on what can be daunting process, all you need to do is take one step at a time; you have 21 steps to choose from. Follow Karen, the dream alchemist, on twitter @karenasemper where ensuing pearls of wisdom continue to inspire.

Title: Life Is A Game So Play It - 21 Ways To Make Life Easier Author: Karen Asemper Paperback: 58 pages

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