"Karen delivered a breath taking and inspirational presentation that left the audience in awe…..it was personal, it was real, with parts each and every one of us could relate to – my team are refreshed and motivated!"

Inspector Tariq Butt, Greater Manchester Police


"Karen made a HUGE impact at our annual conference in August 2014. She engaged, entertained and enlightened our team with intelligence, charm and real purpose. Karen's message of positivity is one that deserves to be heard and I am grateful that I had this opportunity..."

John Bishop, Evolve Education 


"We would like to extend our gratitude to Karen and felt privileged that she was able to share her life experiences with us at Choices and found her positive outcomes inspiring”

Choices, Event Manager

“As a Manager of an international conference focused on women’s empowerment and leadership, I had the opportunity to meet truly amazing people from all  around the world. Karen definitely left the strongest impression on me,  as I had a good feeling about her from the beginning. I  asked her to open the conference with her presentation and I must say that was a complete success. Karen inspired and amazed us all. Her story is all about surviving in spite of life’s difficulties, its about fighting for ones dreams and making them real. Karen gives out good energy and herself is an example of a positive attitude and approach to life. I hope she will continue helping people find their path. Thank you Karen.“

Jovana Savic, Program Manager, Tomorrow People

Karen was a important participant in a panel presentation featured in the recent global W.I.N. conference held in Prague.  I shared the stage with Karen as well as with other professional women, from educational entrepreneurs from India and Bhutan, to award-winning authors and mountaineers - a truly eclectic and impressive line-up of leaders. Our audience was composed of professional women eager to be inspired by individual paths toward authority, influence and fulfilment. Karen's presence, like her presentation style, is generous, authentic, colourful and compassionate. Her story has stayed with me as proof of how we all, regardless of circumstances that would indicate otherwise, can conquer harsh realities and attain our deepest desires while still remaining grounded and focused on others.  Karen exudes a sincere interest in her audience - I felt it even as a fellow panel member - which presence endows her story-sharing with a kind of captivating magic. I wished we could have heard her speak for an even longer time, but must add that in the time she was given, she left a real impact. 

Melissa Dalton-Bradford, Author of Global Mom: A Memoir

"We've worked with Karen for two years now on a project designed to improve student's oracy skills and build their confidence. The feedback from all of the students involved in this project has been overwhelmingly positive! They loved working with Karen and she really inspired them to achieve success, at all levels. A wonderful achievement; a massive thank you from Brooksbank!"

Rebecca Tickell, Assistant Headteacher, The Brooksbank School

"What an amazing, captavating and inspirational speaker Karen Asemper is. Karen spoke at the launch of Gathering of Minds in Newcastle and the reception she received during an after her talk was fantastic. Karen's journey is one of great courage and detirmination. She has lots of positive messages to send out. I would highly recommend booking Karen for your event or even to be coached by her. She leaves you feeling very inspired and motivated!"

Jess, Founder of Gathering of Minds

"Karen is an infectiously likeable person and this comes across effortlessly when she speaks. Her talk was delivered with great professionalism and was full of heartache, passion and determination to succeed which was a lesson to us all. It was very impressive to see how much she has achieved in her life considering the difficulties she has had to face and I found that very inspiring indeed."

Mike Matthews, Mica Events.

"I had the pleasure of sharing the podium with Karen at the recent W.I.N. conference in Prague. We both told our stories to a room of professional women. I was struck first by Karen's wonderful presence- her charisma extends well beyond her physical being. You can feel her generous nature just by exchanging a smile. And her talents extend well beyond that initial meeting. She openly and authentically shares her pain and healing so others can benefit from it in an easy presentation delivery. Nothing feels contrived. The audience was captivated with her and she performed a real service. My only regret is that she doesn't live closer to me so I could hear her speak again one day soon!" 

Betty-Ann, Principal, Womentorship Foundation, Saskatchewan.

"I had the pleasure of listening to Karen Asemper at a conference in Thailand. Karen’s story and journey is a powerful one, a moving account of a woman reclaiming life and hope.Having worked with violence and trauma for more than 20 years, Karen’s message provides important learning and inspiration about the transformative power within all of us."

Vaughn John (PhD),School of Education, University of KwaZulu-Natal

“Karen’s very poignant and insightful presentation allowed me to reflect on life differently as I often took things for granted when it came to matters of challenges that children experience and how these play out for them later on in life. Karen is a strong person. Uthintha bafazi, uthintha mbokotho. (You touch a woman, you touch a rock.)”

Pete Jugmohn
Academic Co-ordinator, University of Kwazulu-Natal Pietermaritzburg


“From Karen’s touching presentation, I realized that a visionary woman would use the present to reshape the future.”

Olayinka Adeleke
Director, Rosy Touch Elite Ltd, Nigeria 


“I am usually a very pessimistic person but Karen has helped me changed the way I look at life and its challenges.  I am now optimistic and full of hope for success. Karen’s presentation completely overhauled my personality.

Karen made me feel young and capable of changing my life for the better. I mean, for the first time, I feel very good about myself, and everything around me.  I am now fully engaged with my dream to become the person I want to be.”

Tsenolo Seloma
Lecturer of historical studies at the National University of Lesotho.


"Listening to Karen is a privilege, she delivered a hard message in a soft way, I was not only moved by Karen's story but inspired too - if you seek a speaker who is a walking and talking example of overcoming adversity and seizing opportunity then Karen is your person."
Phil Lee, Kuta CTC


"I first met Karen 2 years ago and I have had the pleasure of working with her and also hearing her speak. She has an ability to connect with and inspire audiences and as a result has become an extraordinary role model for people who have heard her story.
Karen brings sunshine into every room she enters and to audiences who hear her speak. When she is on stage you can hear a pin drop. I am working with Karen on a project inspiring school children and building their confidence and her ability to connect with her audiences comes over so naturally."
Roger Masterson, The Castle Man


"Well received by our students. The pace and message was just right and the message hit home."
Rawmarsh Community School and Sports College


"Karen’s lively and insightful talk made a real impact on our group.
It is always fascinating to hear an inspirational story, and what made this one truly valuable was hearing the distinctions that Karen has made about her learning along the way.
Everyone in the room was moved, excited and motivated to focus on an attitude of what ’can be’, moving forward."
Catherine A Patel Co. Director at BNi


"I listened to Karen speak at a recent event, I have never been so
attentive towards a speaker before, an amazing story. Truly inspirational,
delivering a sincere positive message".

Paolo Feroleto Creative Director , Four Design


"I have been fortunate enough over the last couple of years to host a number
of Internationally renowned speakers at our BradfordNowHere networking events.
I was privileged yesterday to hear Karen Asemper ‘The Dream Alchemist’ speak,
and she blew the audience away with her inspirational story. Karen looks a
natural speaker with an incredible message of hope delivered with
professionalism, created from her own experiences in life. Thank you Karen."
Gary Peacock GM Midland Hotel Bradford. 


"Everything Karen has achieved it has been by her own vision and doing, she continues to walk the walk, Karen continues to inspire and is a wonderful example of not allowing your past experiences to become you living reality ,She is ever evolving to be the woman god destined for her to be."
Coral, Choreographer
"We were playing against title challengers today and at half time it was in the balance - my half time team talk centered on your message yesterday, I reminded them of your words - passion, desire,  determination, focus, belief, confidence, and hard work. We won 6-1"
Coach, Chapeltown Football and Youth Development Centre.
"Karen really made me think about myself and gave me a bit of a wake up to what's important in life. I'm not usually such an emotional person but karen has left such a lasting impression!!"
Katherine Aitkin, Spacecraft Events.
"Coaching with Karen has helped me look at my life and re frame it. The first session was very emotional and helped me to realize why I was holding myself back."
Service Relations Manager O2
"Coaching from Karen has really helped me to get a hold on managing my time, from being all over the place I now have a clear focus and plan for my new business. Factoring in time for me made the biggest difference. Thank you Karen!"
Kelly Banthorpe
"I attended my first inspirational session with Karen and was totally blown away at the way a person can totally change their life after having a lot of negativity from such an early age to turning it into a positive and achieving the dreams you have strived for. It gave me food for thought and I have come to realise that anything is possible, you just have to focus and know what you want and reach for the stars"
Keith, Cruise Manager DFDS Ferry
"I've never met such a unique, amazing woman. Karen has a heartwrenching story to tell with an outcome that is an inspiration to us all. A realist view in a sometimes unfathomable world."
Lorraine Carvalhal
 "I feel extremely fortunate that I was able to hear Karen speak. The raw emotion alongside her unbelivable sense of humor made me laugh and cry simultaneously. I left there with a burning determination in my heart that she instilled in me. Thanks Karen, I don't think you will ever realise how much you have given."
Susan Ince
"I have never been so deeply moved by a speaker. Karen is a true inspiration."
Richard Mcann No1 selling Author and Inspirational speaker
"Thought about your presentation all the way home, you sure give food for thought with your honest & wise words - you've certainly inspired me! "
Gary Robert Montford  Montmeda productions
"A real inspiration"
Shelly Tasker The Grid

Feedback from the Leeds Coaching Forum

'How amazing that such a warm and lovely lady can have lived through so many life changing challenges that would have devastated someone without her strength and obvious vitality - it was a pleasure to meet Karen and to hear her speak'
'I didn't expect to be so moved this evening; I had a lump in my throat throughout Karen's talk but a smile on my face at the end'
'a real inspiration, it has reminded me of the dark places that some of my clients are coming from and has made me more determined to be the difference that makes the difference and tell people that they can make their life into the one they dream of'