21 Reasons To Be Grateful This Christmas

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21 reasons to be grateful in 2017

1. You woke up this morning.

2. You have watched the sun rise and set.

3. You have a roof over your head, and the means to stay warm.

4. You have experinced love.

5. You have fresh drinking water any time of the day.

6. You woke up to the sound of your alarm, not an air-raid warning.

7. You Belly laughted at least three times this year.

8. You helped someone in need.

9. You have family and friends.

10. You have the option of a hot meal.

11. You have a choice, all you have to do is make it.

12. You have the NHS.

13. You did’nt have to hand over your savings and risk your life for a better life in another country.

14. You tried living in the moment.

15. You became angry – you let it go – you learnt the lesson.

16. When life got tough, you stepped up to the challenge.

17. You reinvented yourself and seized an opportunity.

18. You broke ties with someone who betrayed you.

19. You walked and talked with someone special.

20. You reminded yourself that your in control of you.

21. The end is always the beginning, it’s where you go from now which matters…

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2018

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