Why Three Is Never A Crowd On The Road To Success

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Its about six weeks to go to until Christmas,  where has the year gone?   I’m currently filming a feature film called The Last Laugh,  written by John Godber and directed by award winning director Daniel Cole.  Hence, the reason why I’ve been quiet.  Unfortunately, when running your own business you can’t really afford to go off the radar.  So I thought it was time to hold myself accountable for my actions and the best way to do this is by having a coach – even coaches go off track!     Or start a mastermind group.  I’ve always found that I am the type of person who achieves more when chasing my dreams with a team around me.  Having the involvement of mutually committed people has always been a winner and is intensely rewarding.   A mastermind group has created friendships,  helped towards my goals  and measured my progress.  Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich’   talks of the power of the mastermind group.


How to achieve a group.

If you want to start your own mastermind group, gather together a group of likeminded people who are striving for a common purpose.   Having mutual support is a key to success.  Sometimes when I have lost vision or felt stuck, my mastermind group has been able to put me back to track.  Hearing different perspectives on an idea can soon blow the brain clouds away and help you re-focus.


Its brilliant if your group is a mix of creative talents and skill sets and a wide network of people that will come in handy for you all   Also, something which I find most helpful is holding myself and the group accountable.  Give yourself a time to meet every 6-8 weeks.   Just knowing that you are committed to a timescale makes you work hard because who wants to be the only person who hasn’t committed and made an effort to move their project forward.  All you have to do is to pick between 3-6 people who you feel you fit with.  Make sure you set the boundaries out at the start.  No stealing ideas.  You are all there to support each other.  Remember, a mastermind group is only as successful as the people in it.   In the meeting give each other equal time to discuss their topic and keep to a time frame.  Do you need an agenda?  That’s up to your group.    See what works best for you all.   In the group I work with we take turns to facilitate so   we make sure we keep to a timeframe and  keep the speaker on track.  We also capture what happened at the meeting so we can see the triumphs, goals and lessons we want to keep each other accountable for.  It really is as easy as that.  Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day but it would have been a lot harder without a team of  people behind it.