How To Turn Negativity Into a Positive Light

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I’m sure I’m not the only one who has heard it. What are you? Are you in or are you out? I don’t know about you but the pressure to do what is best for the UK has almost become too much. Trying to make your mind up with the pressure from the media can be hard especially when there are negative situations going on all around us in everyday life. Sometimes we can be seen as being sensitive but I like to call it being human.

When times get too heavy I choose to limit my news watching and my social media because it can be hard to be a positive light in the world when so much negativity is going on all around us. How to stay bright is the key when you are on your path to achieving greatness every step of the way.

Do you feel the weight of the world? If you do then let me share with you an example of how to keep going on your journey to greatness. Meditation has been a saving grace to many and I myself share a daily practice of meditation. There are many ways to keep yourself sane in a world like ours. Breathing exercises can be great also. Last weekend I spent time at a Buddhist retreat where we learned a technique of Tonglen which in Tibetan means giving and taking or sending and receiving. In the practice we visualise taking in the suffering of others and whatever pain we are feeling for ourselves or whatever challenges we may be facing at the time. We breathe this in visualising on an in breath, taking in all the stresses and strains of everyday life. On the outbreath we visualise compassion, peace and the recognition that in that moment we are sending love, peace and happiness to all sentient beings. The aim of the practice is to reduce attachment to situations, so our sensitivity to pain. It will also help to develop and express calmness, and create positive karma for ourselves which can only be a good thing. The Dalai Lama says about Tonglen “whether this meditation really helps others or not, it gives me peace of mind then I can be more effective and the benefit is immense”.

Which ever way you have voted have no regrets. You have done your best to help create a Greater Briton.