How To Say What You Really feel

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Tense, nervous headaches might sound like an advert for cold or flu capsules but they are also some of the symptoms we can feel if we have to have a difficult conversation with someone who is a close friend or colleague.

I was asked how would I handle a conversation that was difficult to have by one of my coaching clients, and while reading a few social media posts I thought it would be great to share as it seems lot’s of us need to have them but put off due to the fear of confrontation. The key is to find a balance and keep it simple.

When you have to have a difficult conversation with someone you are close to whether it is a friend or a staff member your first port of call would be to prepare. What is your intention? Is it to hurt or progress.

Be sure about why you are having the conversation in the first place. What is the objective and what do you want to accomplish?

Be direct and empathetic at the same time and don’t let it become emotional.

So remember the objective and what the outcome is you would like to accomplish.

If you feel that you have come to the end of the conversation don’t drag it out by long apologies, wrap it up so you can move on. We all need time to adjust so maybe don’t get your diary out straight away and plan the next Karaoke night.

Remember, most people don’t like confrontation but leaving it will only make it worse.