When Your Dream Job Turns Into Your Biggest Nightmare

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I had been booked to work with one of the largest names in the automotive industry coaching 17 of their work force in 18 days and I jumped at the chance.  Executives from marketing to sales were there in force.

I asked the team if they had any challenges they would like to look at during my time with the company.  The room went silent  ……..  so we carried on with the warm up exercise.  During break-time one of the marketing execs took me to one side and told me he didn’t feel comfortable speaking out in front of his colleagues.

He didn’t want to sound ungrateful for what he was about to say but he had found his dream job and felt at times he was in over his head.  He had made a few mistakes and doubted his ability to do the job.    Self doubt can feel like a really bad relationship breakup… with yourself.  The honeymoon period is over and reality sets in.  Lets face it we all have self doubt in our lives.   The key is how we manage it.   Self doubt for my client was starting to affect him, making him feel inadequate and insecure.

When you doubt yourself you don’t do the things you need to do.   You hold yourself back more and miss opportunities that present themselves.  Learning how to use your self doubt is the key.   It offers opportunities for self growth and improvement in confidence.   Remember you are never alone here. Ask yourself when the situation occurs, Am I over reacting?  Is the conversation you are having with yourself realistic?   Who can you go to for support?

Ask advice from someone who will be a positive support for yourself; either a coach or someone you trust.  Change the conversation you are having with yourself to a positive one.   Give yourself a choice when self doubt sets in As I mentioned before it really is like a relationship break up.   However,  the one person who will always be there for you is YOU.   Remind yourself that you are going through a rough patch and it won’t last forever.  Be persistent with your positive self-talk.   Set yourself a goal and focus on moving ahead.

During our lifetime self doubt will come and go.  Once we develop a history of conquering self doubt it will become easier to work through and with each time it becomes easier to handle.

Start working on self doubt today and don’t let your dreams become your biggest  nightmares.