A New Beginning

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“Blue Monday” the unofficial name given to the third Monday in January has been considered the most depressing day of the year (yes, I know today is tuesday). The tinsel has been taken down, the work emails have backed up and the credit card bill is fit to burst, but it doesn’t have to be that way.
I chose to ignore the media and chose to see the “Blue Monday” as a new beginning. I decided to start a new fitness programme, and guess what? The gym had changed, nothing was the same; new machines and changing rooms in red not blue. I looked back at what was amazing last year and highlighted those as must keeps for 2015.

Starting a new year can be tough so lets look at the small changes we can make before you go through your goal setting routine for 2015. Firstly, know that you are good enough and worthy of what you want. It might sound very mother earth but it is vital. The amount of people I coach that tell me what they want but when we dig deep don’t believe they DESERVE IT is unbelievable.
You are going to face some challenges this year whether you like it or not and that is what makes life interesting. Know that challenges don’t have to knock the wind out of you; they can make you more determined. A challenge will take you out of your comfort zone and is great for personal growth.

My first coaching session of the year started with my client wondering who to blame. We live in a blame culture so choose responsibility over blame as blaming something or someone at the end of the day doesn’t solve the problem. My clients who excel are always the ones who take responsibility for their actions in any situation.
Keep your standards high and don’t pretend everything is okay when it isn’t. Remember you have to live with yourself. People will always remember you by your reputation and don’t sacrifice it for the sake of others.
Don’t beat yourself up if what you want hasn’t materialised yet, maybe it’s just not time. We can’t control everything, but we can keep stepping towards it every day and see what comes our way.

Remember the saying “where your focus goes energy flows”.
Always remember you are human, strong, vulnerable and learning all the time. It’s the “V” signs to “Blue Monday” and the start of a brand new beginning.