99 Years And Counting!!

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Most Sunday mornings my partner and I go for a coffee in our village. As we drove to the coffee shop we spotted an elderly lady standing at the crossing. The lights went to green and everyone crossed except the old lady. She stood still. I thought maybe she might be having a rest but people came and crossed, sometimes looking back to see if she was crossing, but she never moved. We noticed that not one person asked her if she was okay. We drove past her and me being me had to stop to make sure she was okay. I parked the car up and ran to see if she needed any assistance. The lady said she was waiting for a bus as she wanted to go to Harrogate for a cup of tea. Unfortunately this wasn’t a bus stop she was waiting at, it was a pelican crossing. I asked how long she had been waiting and she said “ooh its been a while” then she said “I’m 99 you know”.

This made me think about compassionate and about the time we give to others and how much we could be missing out on in life because we fail to look outside of the box. Ask yourself how many opportunities do you miss to show compassionate? It could be to a colleague at work who always looks like they are struggling and we never ask if they need any help How many people are surviving and not really living. The best thing about compassionate is it doesn’t cost a thing, its free. It may be the best Christmas present you could ever give. Lets try and enhance other people’s happiness the best way we know how.

Also if you can, give yourself a gift this Christmas, the gift of silence. Take five to ten minutes and just sit. Don’t worry about what comes into your head, let it go. The key to this is to just to sit, just be.

Merry Christmas and thank you for staying with me for 2014. As we begin the countdown for 2015 wishing you all the best…keep shining bright.