More Goals Than Jimmy Greaves

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So how is 2014 going for you so far? Have you settled into it OK?

I managed to grab a coffee with an old friend of mine, an ex-Arsenal striker. We spoke about goals and dreams and how life can play out. Mr X (thats what I am going to call him) said he had planned his life to the end of his football career. Unfortunately for him, through club politics and injuries, he didn’t achieve his end goal of the retirement age he had set for himself. That came a lot sooner than he could ever have imagined. Worst of all he punished himself because his heart was so set on his end result. He told me how he could understand not achieving his goal if he hadn’t put the effort in, but he had played and trained 100%. He had turned down other opportunities that were presented to him as his eye was fixed firmly on his set retirement age and the club he wanted to play for.

When we are planning ahead it is vital we know the direction we are going in, and it is vital that we can be flexible with our plans in case something comes and takes us off track The most important part of going for your desired outcome are the bits that happen in-between; the people you meet, the inspiration you gain, the opportunities that you will come by. If you have started goals for this year and you have fallen off track go back to the bits in-between. What have you learnt along the way? What could you have tweaked to have made the journey not so bumpy? Have you been inspired to try something else on your journey towards your outcome?

When we are looking at goals and going for our dream life a really good question to ask yourself is why you really want to achieve your goal, what is the true purpose?

A great exercise to try is to write down all the jobs you would like to do. See if they have a theme. Maybe you can achieve a few dreams at the same time, or it may reveal to you your true passion. Sometimes it is never what we ever imagined it could be.

I don’t know about you but I have a great feeling about 2014. Head in the direction you want to go, have faith that it will happen and think BIG at all times. Its a fact that the more inspired we are, the happier we are. So here’s to your many moments of inspiration.