Time…Its all we have

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I hadn’t heard from a client in three weeks. This particular client has been consistent for the last four months – always checking in every 10 days to let me know how she is getting on after one of our coaching sessions together. Out of the blue, the phone rang ‘Hi Karen, its Mrs Nero (not her name by the way) sorry I have been a bit flakey but I have just given up’. Now my alarm bells started to ring. Let’s be honest, life can be tough but is it really tough enough to just give up on life?

You see Mrs Nero is an actress, she has been very well known in theatreland for 23 years and then decided to make the move from theatre to television. What is the difference I hear you cry? Well, there is a big difference if you are a casting director or director. Mrs Nero had finally begun to leave her television and film footprint but unfortunately she had hit a wall. Then as if by magic the role of a lifetime came up and Mrs Nero auditioned for the role but wasn’t successful. Mrs Nero said ‘what if this is it, I am nearly 50, I have given the last 45 years to my art and what if this is as good as it gets?’ Yes, for 45 years Mrs Nero had lived her life for her art and during that time she had also juggled being a wife, a working mother, working in feature films, dramas, buried four members of her family one year after another, ran her own catering company and nursed her daughter who was born with a hole in her heart. Yes indeed Mrs Nero had her eye on the goal – a lead role in a feature film, but everything else in her life she had achieved meant nothing to her, she felt worthless. We have to remember that when we are reaching for the stars other things happen along the way which is the most important part of the journey – its called LIFE.

If time, and we don’t know how long, is the only thing we have lets not waste it on worrying about what may or may not be. Remember you have a choice about how you spend your time. When opportunities arise, and they do, remember that it is also part of the journey so just breathe and relax. A top agent from Curtis Brown Theatrical Agency said that he meets many clients and there is nothing worse that will put you off a person than that smell of desperation. While you are on life’s journey looking out for your opportunities, practise. If you are waiting for that dream interview don’t just sit around waiting, practise with a friend. Get your friend to ask you questions that will challenge you, maybe throw you a curveball so that when you have your interview you are ready for the unexpected.

In our next session together I videoed Mrs Nero in a mock audition. Her face and body language cried desperation before she had even sat down. She never realised how she came across. I recommended she go away and practise walking into a meeting, sitting down and chatting about herself to camera, all the things she was uncomfortable with until she became comfortable. We have to remember we are more than our goals in life. Write a letter to a close friend and ask them how they see you. As sad as it is we don’t normally see ourselves as successful as other people see us . Remember this life is not going to last so all we have is TIME. Go for your dreams and don’t forget to enjoy all the other bits in between.