The House of Cards…

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In 2008 my life was about to change, but not how I thought it would. My business partner and I decided to fold our staffing agency called The Ansa. We had lost a huge contract to another agency and to be honest it had been a struggle from the start due to the politics of other companies. The stress had been immense, a constant fight to keep what we had.

On the up side, we were well on our way to making our first million, but the stress wasn’t worth it for me. So on the 30th September 2008 my partner and I made a CHOICE to fold the company.

November 2009 I met a close friend for coffee. Financially life wasn’t great for either of us. I was working freelance and due to the global recession a few companies who owed me money had gone bust. There was little hope of me recovering the monies, which were now into thousands, and as we sat discussing our woes over coffee, I did something… I made a CHOICE. I would move on from trying to regain my lost money and look at what else I enjoyed doing.

In 2003 and 2005 it had been suggested to me that I was a fantastic motivator. Friends always contacted me when they needed what they would call a “tonic”. My corporate acting clients always gave me their top clients to work with. As one company director from Cragrats the theatre company said, ”You always were a diamond, you have that little something”.
I love seeing happiness on the faces of people, but how do you empower people on a larger scale?

By chance I was given a ticket to see top motivational speaker Tony Robbins. I sat in an audience with just under 10,000 people. Every single person was on a high. Now I’m not saying I agree with everything he does, but people left the conference with a stronger sense of self-belief.

I made a CHOICE that day. I too would empower people on a larger scale. What was my action plan going to be? Because having a dream without an action plan is like trekking the Sahara without taking any water. Then as if by magic the ball started to roll. I kept meeting people that were in the speaking business some motivational, marketing and sales speakers. I needed to know more so I asked if I could shadow them. I went along to seminars with Geoff Ramm, John Hotowka and Richard McCann all speakers who are at the top of their game.

I looked at what I had to offer businesses, conferences, and networking events, wrote my keynote and picked up the phone. I started calling companies and organizations that I thought I could give value to, specifically to their work forces. From my first keynote presentation, which I delivered on the 10th of December 2010 the Dream Alchemist was born, and what a journey this has been.

On the 13th of March 2013 I became an international speaker. Opening The Women’s Leadership and Empowerment Conference in Bangkok, Thailand. I addressed over 15 different countries across the globe. The audience was a mix of members of Parliament to university professors.

In 2008 when we folded our company I never thought it would open the door to an experience that I never would have imagined. In 2009 when I made the CHOICE to let go of what I couldn’t control i.e., the global recession, and the loss of money. I made a CHOICE, a CHOICE not to live in fear like a huge proportion of society did, a CHOICE to put into action another dream of mine.

The CHOICES you make today could set in motion a very different kind of year that you may never have imagined possible. Remember you have a CHOICE no matter where you start from in life.

So let me leave you with this…

“The world belongs to the endlessly curious – to everyone who experiences the world with eyes wide open, who never stops exploring, discovering and evolving. Here’s to uncovering every possibility the world holds for us all.”


Happy late Easter!!!