2013 and What Now?

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2013 and how did we arrive here so fast??

The beginning of a New Year can carry with it a lot of uncertainty. The pen and paper comes out and the goals are re-written, and we start the year ahead with great anticipation.

In 2012 we had a lot to look forward to with the Olympics, the Queen’s Jubilee and the general 2012 build up. So what’s on the cards for this year??

Well, for a start how about setting your sights higher? Are you dreaming of a different job, relationships which serve you, and financial freedom? If you’re settling for the mediocre, don’t. Instead aim for the adventure. You have so much potential so at least try and fulfil it.

What is your vision? Hold it in your mind’s eye and persist… go for it! Are you constantly searching for something to help you achieve your vision, or is it simply…TAKE ACTION?? FEEL THE FEAR, and understand you’re the only one who will ever hold you back. Read www.lesleyhunter.com/blog

Do you usually find yourself in your comfort zone? What would it take to expand and explore beyond your comfort zone? Taking you that one step further in your life. Don’t settle for less than you are worth, you really don’t need to. If it’s not helping you grow as a person find something that will.

So what has 2013 in store for you?? WHAT EVER YOU WANT… if you really, really want it.