Help! I Need Somebody

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A very interesting poll I put on Facebook revealed that 60% of people who freely give help to others never ask for help themselves.

Most of the answers I received explaining why not stated they thought people were just too busy to give them any time. Now, I agree we live in a very busy world and to be fair I had the same mind set until I reached out, and it has been the best decision I have made to date. We have to remember we can only do so much by ourselves.

I sat and thought of six speakers I respected and I wanted to know why they were so successful. What did I admire about them and what could I learn? I wrote six hand written letters asking if I could have an hour of their time, a coffee maybe, and what I admired about them which had prompted me to write in the first place.

Within the month I had six replies all stating YES! They were glad to be of assistance. I came away with a wealth of knowledge that I now apply to my own business and the price was five coffees and a cup of tea.

You would be surprised how many people would help you if you only asked. Don’t ever hold yourself back. Stop procrastinating, pick up your pen, find yourself a sheet of paper and write.

 In 1965 Lennon-McCartney put pen to paper and wrote a number one hit entitled “HELP!” It worked for the Beatles, it worked for me so lets see where asking for help can get you.