Great Expectations

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By Rita Lloyd

The phone rang and it was my agent on the line.“Karen, Cathedral city cheese want you for a new commercial, you need to be in Manchester tomorrow at 12noon”. Now, normally this wouldn’t have been a problem, but I was sat at a fantastic coffee shop in Bressuire France, 690 miles away.

I had been blessed with a complimentary trip to a Mind body and spirit retreat in La chapelle- saint- Laurent. Peace and Tranquility were on offer, so as you can imagine we were in the middle of nowhere. The nearest airport was two hours away by car and there were no flights returning to England for two days.

Helen the owner of the retreat helped me to find a return flight to England; I would have a five-hour journey by train to the airport, not what I wanted when I had prepared for a week of ZEN.

After dinner that evening I packed for the following day, (tooth brush, hair conditioner and clean underwear) and decided to have an early night! Why is it when you have to be up very early you never sleep a wink? My Mind mulled over the journey, I had three minutes to get off the train, and find the platform for my connecting train to the airport. Would I make it? What if it was delayed?I had already started to turn my adventured (which I had asked for) in to a nightmare.

The saying “be careful what you wish for” popped in to my mind. I asked for a travel adventure and I now had one coming my way, so I didn’t want to curse myself with a Travel nightmare. I started to tell myself a different story, a story of interesting helpful people, trains that were on time, wonderful coffee shops and fun fun fun all the way… I slept like a baby.

My adventure began at 5am and it was seamless. I met a wonderful gentleman who worked for the French Military named Philip, ‘General Philip’ to be exact, he made sure I ate breakfast on the train, pointed out the Chateaus along the way and shared with me a little of his life story. It’s lovely to find out about people and what life really means to them.

I met another couple who’s names I didn’t get (sorry!) but they kindly gave me a lift from Limoges airport to the city center of Limoges where I dinned at a delicious restaurant. I people watched until I couldn’t take the wonderful French style any more. I caught every train connection, and flight I was meant to with no hassle at all. I could have let the day become difficult but I only expected the best.

We can spend too much time focusing on the negatives in life that we can forget to focus on EXPECTING THE BEST outcome in any given situation. I’m setting you a 7-day challenge. Write the outcome of the day as you would like it to end and only expect the best. How do you feel? How does the day turn out? Write at the end of each night how the day actually turned out.

Stick with it and only expect the best. At the end of the week evaluate how the week has been for you, did you notice the amount of Negative thoughts that crept your way? Make a pact with yourself to replace them with thoughts that will serve you on your life journey.

Oh, and remember IT’S YOUR TIME TO SHINE, so shine bright xx




Self-Appreciation is the future…It’s bigger than garlic bread.

Inspiration and Life Coaching Comments Off

Dear Me

I want to let you know how much you mean to me.

How would I have ever reached this mountain top if you were not climbing with me all the way? Cheering me on when times looked bleak, never letting me give up, motivating me to keep my focus when all I wanted to do was scream.

How could I ever have disrespect you with the manipulating words I’ve used? Now I realise it was FEAR not LOVE that wanted its 5mins of fame with you.

I now realise that all you wanted me to do is live my soul purpose in life. Be the best I can be. With you with me all the way I’ll reach the moon. I Love you more than you will ever know…

It can be lonely at the top, bottom or middle in life. So no matter where you are starting from remember You are amazing, fantastic and unique. Value yourself in this moment, not when you get the relationship you have always wanted, or when the HUGE contract comes your way, or when the day comes you pre-order your Maserati.

Say it loud Thank you, thank you, thank you for being …YOU