The Power of Words…

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by Rita Lloyd


I read a tweet by Motivational Speaker Richard McCann asking about the words that had made a difference in your life.

I thought about this because I have been asked many times by people who have heard my life story. They asked why I had not ended up on drugs or in prison like a lot of people who have faced trauma in their lives.

I thought about this long and hard. Could it have been my school teacher who actually told me I was good at acting? or my parents who nearly every single day told me I was loved? Who had really made a difference?

When I really thought about the words “I love you” I wondered just how much I was empowered by them.

When I looked back over the dramas in my life, some of them brought me very close to the verge of breaking point. Was it really my ambition that kept me going, or my family? We always hear about love but do we really understand love’s true potential?

My family’s love had empowered me so much I always felt I wanted to do the best I possibly could for us all. The words,” I LOVE YOU” for me have been truly empowering.

At the age of 37 and ¾ (not 38 yet) I’ve finally understood the power “I love you” can have on a person.

I’ll never take those words for granted again.

How often do you say, ”I Love You”?


Photographby Rita Lloyd