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Empowered, by Rita Lloyd

It had been a heavy morning. The Family drama had been going on for most of it, my email account had been playing up, and work enquiries had found themselves in my spam box which I hadn’t checked for the past 3 weeks. My car had finally given up after six years of loyal service. I didn’t want to buy another one as I had set my personal goal to buy a new house first.

As I sat thinking in my local coffee shop, “What have I done to deserve this?” a gentleman carrying two Venti Lattes, popped his head around the pillar. The conversation went as follows:

Man -I hope you don’t think I’m being rude?
Me – Oh, here we go. (I thought)
Man – I think you’re beautiful and your style is great.

WOW! That woke me up. I didn’t expect that. I actually thought I was in his seat, and he was going to ask me to leave the table.

I let out a gasp and simply said,” Thank you, I really appreciate the compliment.”

I watched him walk to his car, my smile grew bigger and bigger and my eyes were dancing, so the lady sat across from me said.

My mindset had shifted from the doom and gloom of the morning to the magic in that one moment that had presented itself. I owe that man the BIGGEST LATTE you can buy. I choose to kick Doomsday in the BUTT and made way for the brightest of opportunities that could come my way.

That was Monday. Today is Friday and what a Friday it has been. My friend’s baby Kairin arrived healthy at 9.04am this morning, I was gifted a car and a weeks holiday in a Monastery in France, and as for the family drama… it’s finally over.

Remember that through every cloudy sky the sun is always burning through, it’s up to us how we want to see it.