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Free Yourself by Rita Lloyd

Maybe it’s with spring in the air and the daffodils in bloom, that I can see a huge change in my clients. Maybe I could let ego kick in, pat myself on the back and say it’s all down to me: but I know that it’s nothing to do with it, it’s the internal coach we all have inside us.For the past six months I have been coaching a client who I shall name James for the purpose of this blog.

James faced a horrific physical attack a year ago and has since lost a lot of self-confidence. He came to me, as he loved to write and had a dream of writing children’s books. Ever since the attack James’ self-belief had not been the same. He was finding it hard to focus and concentrate on his dream. Sometimes when James would attend his sessions he would not have completed tasks from the last session.It came to light that he was holding a grudge against himself and the attacker.

In that session I  guided James through a visualization on FORGIVNESS, for himself and the attacker.James visualized standing in front of himself looking into his own eyes. He told himself how he did not want to hurt anymore. That he wanted to live a life filled with joy and happiness, that the attack was not his fault.Then he visualized his attacker standing in front of him, he told the attacker in a calm way he did not want to hurt any more by holding negative feelings in his heart against him. He understood anger and pain and wanted to release it, he forgave the attacker and himself for holding on to the pain.

It was emotional for James. I asked him to continue with the visualization and see all the negativity that he felt dissolves with each session.James made an appointment for three weeks after so we could see how he had progressed and review where we should go from there.James came to the session with a HUGE SMILE on his face and a folder in his hand.

James told me that he had kept up with the visualization and one day it clicked for him, he took to his laptop and started to type the story he had buried inside. He felt fresh and inspired, a weight had been lifted off his shoulders.James placed an unfinished manuscript in front of me; this was only the start for him.“I never would have believed that forgiveness held me back from this”, he said.

I do believe James will be successful with his book, even though in my eyes his greatest success was setting himself free. My dear reader you are now in a place of choice…Go on set yourself FREE.


Mork calling Orson, come in Orson.

Inspiration and Life Coaching Comments Off
Hearts touching

Hearts Touching by Rita Loyd

It’s Friday morning and I’m sat alone eating breakfast in a hotel. There is something strange about this hotel, as no one seems to be talking to each other.

Maybe they’re not early morning people; then again there is plenty of conversation going on, only not the spoken word but the written word and on the PHONE. How could we do without it? Phone, Email, Text, Face book, who knows what was going on but fingers were tapping away fast and furious.

The only sound I could hear were beeps, bells and chimes. Have we become lazy at the thought of talking to another human being?

The day before I had an enquiry, about a speaking opportunity, as I was about to reply to the email, I thought better of it. I wanted to have a feel for the person that I would be communicating with. Oh how easy it would have been to type away and press send.

Samantha’s first words were, “Thank you for taking the time to have a conversation I know you must be busy”.

We spoke and had a good laugh (not at my fee). I felt like I had known her for years, and the next thing I knew I was booked.

Would the rapport we made on the phone have been the same by email? I personally think not.

Has life really become too busy to pick up the phone and actually talk?

Think about your relationships whether its business or pleasure, give the texting and email a week off, let the other person hear the passion in your voice.

Don’t let talking become the LOST art of Communication…give me a call sometime.