My name is Karen and I’m a workaholic!

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I’m finally going to admit to the world and myself… I’m a workaholic.

I arrived at work, script in one hand and a cup of green tea in the other, wind swept and wet. As enthusiastic as you can be when you’ve woken up at 4.30 am to tackle England’s highest motorway, the M62.

As I waited for the rest of the crew I had a funny feeling I had gotten the day wrong. Thank God for the iPhone (email at my finger tips).

As I read my confirmation letter the date read, call time 8.00 am on 7th of September 2011. Today was the 6th of September.

I’d been working so much, even checking my confirmation letter the night before was no option for me as I was so tired.

Straight away I thought I’m not wasting my day, so I filled my head with my ‘to–do’ list for the day. Finish a chapter of my book, cold call for business, and call Photographer etc. I was jamming it in.

The phone rang and it was Kim a friend of mine. She mentioned there was a spare appointment with a massage therapist that day, and if I wasn’t doing anything maybe I could have it.

My ‘to do’ list ran through my head like Linford Christie. ‘I’ve got too much on,’ I said. Then out of nowhere the words flew out of my mouth, “why not! Book me in.” I accepted the appointment feeling a little guilty, I may add for spending the money on myself instead of my business.

Wait a minute, I AM my Business.

Like a car you can run yourself into the ground or give yourself a well needed MOT ensuring everything stay’s in good working order.

My massage was fantastic with Arshad and I learnt a lot about myself that day, and I even came home and watched two movies, ON A WORK DAY.

That week unfolded in to a week of pure luxury. I met some very interesting people who seemed to come from nowhere. One of my best weeks this year.

There will always be work to be done, so will missing one day to give yourself an MOT make any difference?

Nurture yourself, take care of your own needs and enjoy life…that’s what I’m going to do.


Good things come…….

Inspiration and Life Coaching, Speaking Comments Off

I opened my email and read:

“Thought I would share this with you. In the past two days I have got myself a book deal and eight epp’s on Emmerdale with potential regular part…….Foxy”

Foxy had started acting in 1993, got his first agent and job in 1999, worked in TV and theater, playing very small roles. He was out of work a lot and did what ever it took to bring money in for his family, never giving up on his dream.

When I met with foxy this year his attitude had changed. He was buzzing with excitement. He had returned from Los Angele’s, and had seen a house that he loved. The LA way of life had cast a spell on him, and this was Jammed in his head. A friend of his told him to read the book “Think and Grow Rich” and from it he got an idea to make a visualization board. He also told me that he had gotten in touch with an old friend and they had decided to write a children’s book together.

We drank coffee, ate cake and wished each other all the best to make our dreams
come true.

When I read Foxy’s email, the first thought that came into my head was PATIENCE!

You may not get what you wish for straight away… so, just be patient… foxy
did…and look what’s happened to him.. XX