If Only…

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Linda and I worked together each year at the variety club Christmas event. Our role was to both play hostess and fund-raise. It was hard work but fun, so as you can well imagine we ladies would go out afterwards for a well earned drink. For us this represented our Christmas party.

Linda had a friend called Jane who always had a twinkle in her eye, you couldn’t help but admire her spirit. Jane was outgoing, bubbly and had an amazing career. One Sunday afternoon I bumped into the two friends, yet Jane was barely recognizable, that sparkle that lit a room was somewhat dulled…

Jane asked about a cancer charity I volunteered for called “looking good feel better”. She shared with me she had ovarian cancer and had started chemo recently.

“All I keep asking for is another 20 years, there is so much that I want to do and see”

Why do we do that? Wait for something drastic to happen before we evaluate our life and then start to REALLY think about how we want to live it?

Let me ask you, do you have adventures?

Have you achieved five things on your to-do / “bucket” list?

Have you let love in and has it made your heart sing?

If you answer NO to any of these questions, stop what you’re doing make yourself a cuppa and start to write down HOW YOU want to LIVE your life! Then Start your adventure.

Don’t wait like Jane did for something drastic to happen…..


The Power of the Imagination

Inspiration and Life Coaching, Speaking Comments Off

I loved playtime as a child. That was my time to indulge in a dream world of performing. I would imagine myself performing on stage walking to my Winnebago having my make up done before I walked on to set always dreaming up the end product.

Every day would be the same dreaming up a better life for myself. You read so many books and articles about the power of Visualization, and how important it is. Little did I know that my “Day Dreaming” as a child was actually my Visualization…

Everything starts with a dream, the use of the Imagination. So what are you using your Imagination for? Give yourself at least five minutes a day and really get those dream juices flowing…you never know what you may come up with.

My daydream became my reality. Imagine the look on my face the first time I was ever shown to my own Winnebago A dream come true.

The Imagination…. where would we be without it?

“Imagination is more important than knowledge”
Albert Einstein